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Pattaya Hotels and Resorts

The selection of Pattaya hotels and resorts is already large, with almost 300 to choose from and more constantly being developed. As a result, you are sure to find one that has all the answers to your holiday or business needs. The long and large city has a lot of variety and choice available, making it just as easy to find a relaxing beach holiday as a lively party time.

Pattaya is best known as a party destination, but the city is not really that one-dimensional. Hotels and resorts in Pattaya include everything from budget backpacker hostels to stunning five-star villas. They can appeal to families, gourmets, shoppers, business travellers, beach-lovers, sports nuts and those looking for peace and escape. The fact that there is an awesome party every night is just a bonus.

The Best Hotels in Pattaya: Where to Start?

Pattaya hotels

First Time in Pattaya? Pick the right beach for your hotel.

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Pattaya hotels

10 Best Hotels in Pattaya

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Pattaya hotels

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Pattaya hotels

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Pattaya hotels

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Pattaya hotels

10 Best Family Resorts in Pattaya

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