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11/1 – 11/30

Dine on a Thursday or Friday at lunch or dinner buffet, and you will receive a braised abalone with choy sum dish to delight your palate! A true delicacy from the sea.

Kowloon hotel


9/4 – 12/3

Inspired by Shanghai s night markets, world-class restaurants and street food, KITCHEN has created a menu starring Sichuan spices, succulent meats and a whole lot of Shanghainese zest to celebrate the opening of W Shanghai – The Bund.

We ve got heaven in buffet form for all the seafood lovers with our sweet and sour sea bass fillet, topped with passionfruit, yuzu, grapefruit and hawthorn sauce. Another star from our seafood selection includes our fragrant seafood bouillabaisse with lobster claw, prawns, clams and lotus root turnip, served with sesame crackers and laksa aioli.

Amongst the array of vibrant colours and simmering sauces, we ve got a selection for both vegetable and meat lovers with dishes on the menu such as our oyster blade beef with black truffle, black pepper sauce with asparagus as well as poached Chinese cabbage, Yunnan ham, conpoy and Italian pancetta. Of course, a Shanghainese feast is not complete without some classics such as our spicy sweet and sour shanghai soup which will provide you a kick of heat to wake you up prior to your pending food coma.

Kowloon hotel

Kowloon hotel

Kowloon hotel

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