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Palliative Care Tools Resources

This page is a curated source of custom tools and resources about the benefits of palliative care. The resources on this page were created primarily for an audience of healthcare professionals, but are open to anyone.


“Making the case” is a chore that many clinical and administrative leaders need to undertake if they want to create, sustain or expand a palliative care service.

Stakeholders who would be expected to support or refer to a palliative care service need to 1.) understand deficits or improvement opportunities in existing care processes, 2.) how a palliative care service could help with those issues, and 3.) the probability that a palliative care service would be feasible and sustainable from a fiscal perspective.

Gathering evidence and information to address all three of those topics can be time consuming. These 20 references will help you make the case for palliative care.

Data Infographics

  • Uneven Terrain: Mapping Palliative Care Need and Supply in California (2015)
    This data visualization from the California HealthCare Foundation illustrates the estimated need for palliative care in the last year of life in each California county, the number of palliative care programs, the volume of patients they serve, and the sufficiency of current supply.

Factsheets: palliative care, advance care planning, hospice, end-of-life


  • Interpreting in Palliative Care: A Continuing Education Workshop (2011)
    As the use of palliative care grows, so does the diversity of patients who opt for it. A free, downloadable curriculum for trainers of medical interpreters covers the topic with sensitivity.

Tools for Planning Evaluating Programs

  • 20 References To Help You “Make The Case” For Palliative Care
  • Assessing adherence to the National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care (DOC )
  • Community-based Palliative Care Opportunity Analysis Overview (PDF )
  • Opportunity Analysis Table 1: Baseline Utilization for EOL Population (XLS )
  • Opportunity Analysis Table 2: Month-to-Month Utilization (XLS )
  • Supportive Care Calculator Clinic (XLS )
  • Supportive Care Calculator Home (XLS )

Reports Articles

  • Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices (PDF ) (2015)
    Snapshots of Palliative Care Practices was compiled as part of a session on palliative care capacity, need, and resources at the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California Annual Summit in April 2015. Participants were asked to share examples of their approaches to working with patients, working with providers, and measuring the impact of their services.
  • Up Close: A Field Guide to Community-Based Palliative Care in California (California HealthCare Foundation)
  • A Better Benefit: Health Plans Try New Approaches to End-of-Life Care (PDF )
  • Developing a Business Plan for Your Outpatient Palliative Care Program: A Technical Assistance Monograph (PDF )
  • Next Generation of Palliative Care: Community Models Offer Services Outside the Hospital (PDF )
  • Pioneers in Palliative Care Across the Continuum (PDF )


  • A Home-Based Palliative Care Consultation Service: Sharp Hospice Care and HealthCare (PDF )
  • Developing a Palliative Care Medical Home: Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PDF )
  • A New Model for Late Stage Disease Management: Sharp HospiceCare (PDF )
  • Palliative Care across the Continuum: Transforming the Healthcare Landscape (PDF )
  • Providing Palliative Care in a Non-Medical Setting: Seniors at Home (PDF )

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