Connaught Hotel Galway – Review of The Connacht Hotel, Galway, connaught hotel.#Connaught #hotel

Connaught Hotel Galway

Connaught hotel

I feel service lacked leadership a lot of waitresses but no real leadership, the same applied to breakfast particularly on the sunday morning-no cups on the tables, I felt we were always running to get something that should have been on the table.

I must compliment the hotel for a lovely quiet room, lovely polite staff at reception and lovely staff in the restaurant but more leaders required in such a busy hotel to make things run smoothly.

I hope to go back in the future, I hope ye find this review useful in improving ye standards.

  • Excellent

Connaught hotel

Connaught hotel

Connaught hotel

Rooms are good and the hotel is very big. We brought the kids to the kids club which was very out dated broken toys and not a great selection of them, staff were lovely though, this would be a great advantage if it was properly equipped and maintained.There is a charge for it. The entertainment is definitely geared towards older people so not much for the younger age groups, very busy place and you can only sit in certain areas to eat not where there is carpet which was the only seats available so it was very awkward when my husband and father-in-law had to move when they where eating, badly organised more like a food hall then a bar. We had a nice room but it was a disabled room so we had no bath for the kids but that was ok until the shower curtain came out of the wall and fell on top of the kids while i was showering them, this was fixed promptly so good service.

Saying all this if it was properly managed and areas were more efficiently run it would be a great place to stay. Great for older aged as the entertainment was geared towards them but if they could accommodate a second area for families it would be great as we left the bar the first night due to being totally intimidated by a bunch of tourists who obviously dont like or understand children and i don’t let my children run around they are always supervised. So needless to say we didn’t go back in the following night.

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