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Hospice and Palliative Care

People often associate hospice care with dying and that s scary. But hospice care is actually about life alleviating pain and making the patient as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. And the sooner you ask, the more options you have.

Patients and families often resist the idea of hospice because they think they re giving up. So they miss out on the opportunity to be more comfortable and live with less pain and more independence. Hospice care is not only the doctors and nurses who manage the pain and symptoms, but also the emotional and spiritual support of social workers and chaplains. The Certified Nurse Aides provide practical, down-to-earth help with personal care.

Hospice care is provided in a variety of settings. Some patients live in at home or with a family member; others live in a nursing home or retirement home setting. Hospice nurses work closely with nursing home staff to make sure patients are receiving the best medical care possible. Hospice understands that patients don t want to go to the hospital every time they have a medical crisis or infection. These can usually be handled at home with good nursing care in consultation with the doctor.

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