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Business Trade School

Business trade schools will get you on the path to entrepreneurial success. Business trade school will offer students the opportunity to train in basic business functions such as bookkeeping and accounting; marketing; management; public relations; administration; finance; and information technology services. Business trade school will also generally require a GED or high school diploma. Select a school below to learn more.

Why Attend Business Trade School

Whether you want to build your own business, market a company s products, manage a hotel or restaurant or buy and sell real estate, a degree from your selection among business trade schools can help you.

Business School Degree Programs

Business trade schools typically offer training or degree programs in accounting, business law, finance and economics. These subjects will enable you to manage the financial aspects of your business. Business trade schools also offer training in international business, general management, risk management and insurance. Additionally, students may also study real estate, hospitality administration, health administration and marketing while attending business trade schools. Each of these areas increases your knowledge base and contributes to the development of potential career paths.

Business School Graduate Job Opportunities

Opportunities in these different majors and career avenues are seemingly endless with an education from a business trade school. For instance, graduates with accounting degrees from business trade schools may choose to be auditors, tax accountants, corporate controllers, business consultants, control systems analysts or managers of corporate departments or divisions. If students interest involves the law, their bachelor’s degrees from business trade schools will form a solid foundation for a subsequent legal degree. You can practice in fields such as sports and entertainment law, health law, consumer protection, real estate, employment discrimination law, workplace safety and workers’ compensation, environmental law or one of many other business-related specialties within the law. A few other examples of career options available to those who earn degrees from business trade schools include a computer systems analyst, programmer, hotel/resort manager, economic consultant, artist manager, credit analyst, real estate broker, investment manager, securities analyst and financial advisor.

Business Trade School Salaries

Salaries for graduates of business trade schools are primarily dependent on the type of career path chosen and the students level of education. Individuals with associate s degrees from business trade schools typically range in the $30-40,000 range while individuals with bachelor s degrees from business trade schools can earn up to $100,000 annually, which depends on the type of field they choose to work in. One advantage of an education from business trade schools is that the students learn the skills necessary to own their own business. Many individuals attend business trade schools because they are entrepreneurial, and want to learn the necessary skill set for owning a business. It is important for the business owner to have a foundation in finance, budgeting, accounting, tax law, etc. in order to run a successful business; and these types of courses are offered at most business trade schools. Business trade schools offer individuals with an interest in business a wide variety of career paths as reflected in the programs. Learning the foundation for running a successful business is crucial for those who wish to be successful in today s business environment.

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