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Drake hotel

Sure, you might have read a story about us in the pages of Condé Nast Traveler or Fodor’s Top 100 Hotels Worldwide, but you should find out for yourself what it’s like to sleep with The Drake Hotel.

From our contemporary, cozy and unique bedroom layouts, we’ve got it all. Rest assured, we’re a one-stop escape for anyone looking for an unforgettable boutique experience.

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Drake hotel

XL Suite

Take off your jacket and stay for a bit, won’t you? This mid-century suite is our biggest space and doubles as a cozy living space away from home. Designed for a larger-than-life personality, this room will make you feel like you re on a vacation that s never going to end.

Drake hotel

L Salon

We re all about making our guests feel special, so we made a room that s extra spacious and spectacular. That means it comes equipped with eye-popping art, unique furnishings, and countertops for busy worker bees.

Drake hotel

L Studio

The Studio guarantees a memorable sleepover for night owls and music lovers. Boasting the same square footage as our Salon room, this room is located directly above our raised lounge and is perfect for those only retreat to their bedroom once the party downstairs is over.

Drake hotel

M Den

We get it; you couldn’t decide what to pack, so you brought everything. That s fine with us. Complete with extra storage, office space and a custom-made wooden ladder, the Den is the answer for anyone who wants a cozy, relaxed retreat with a little extra leg room.

Drake hotel

S Crash Pad

You re looking for a one-night stand you ll never forget. You’ve come to the right place. This intimate room is an unapologetic escape for couples, business folk and visitors passing through. It s adorable and trendy with high ceilings, chill vibes and all the comforts you need.

Drake hotel

XS The Nook

With a view of one of our most endearing, permanent art installations outside the window, this room is an adorable stop-over for the traveler who just wants the essentials. Don t forget to bring earplugs: this room might be cozy, but its attitude speaks volumes.

Drake hotel

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