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  • All our accommodation is free of charge.
  • Accommodation is very basic, in simple caravans and wooden chalets.
  • None of our accommodation is ensuite. Communal toilets and showers are located in a separate building nearby.
  • There are no dedicated baby changing or bottle warming facilities in the accommodation.
  • Most of our accommodation is unsuitable for very elderly or frail pilgrims, so we would recommend staying in a nearby B B. A list of local hotels is available here.
  • We only provide you with a mattress and a bed. You must bring your own duvets, pillows and sheets, unless you are travelling by public transport, in which case you must at least bring your own bed sheets.
Accommodation rules:
  • If you are staying overnight, you must attend all Murugan pujas whilst you are here.
  • No groups larger than six people.
  • We usually start showing pilgrims to their rooms by late afternoon or early evening – rooms are not available for occupation during the day.
  • The accommodation office closes at 8pm. If you are late, you won’t be able to stay with us.
  • You must vacate your room by 11am the following morning.

We are increasingly concerned about the casual attitude with which some pilgrims are making bookings for accommodation at Skanda Vale. During some weeks last year there were up to 80% non-appearances for bookings. Many of these forgot to tell us they were not coming, some did not even have a good reason. We are reviewing our booking procedure and may need a deposit to be made in the future.

If we are full please have a look at our list of approved local hotels and B B’s. or you can check back here again at a later date, as we do occasionally get cancellations.

Click on your chosen date below to make a booking.
A blue box means we have vacancies.

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